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plz support this artwork in pixiv by giving star it rly mean lots to me

(i know I say it everytime but I rly mean it, everytime

still image ver:

creepy ver:

yay finally finish with dis commission

sry for the spam post of drawstream,

but I rly wanna take my time and not half ass it |QwQ>

 next commission is gonna be R-18

so be aware if u come to the drawstream next time |>//w/<>/



fun fun background coloring time

should be done by tonight

come join the fun drawstream

Uh uh I don’t mean to be rude but I think you meant to tag it as #Mirai Nikki…! Lovely regardless haha..

o thx u are right XD

I will fix it right away

the pic is finally done and I will post the final product tmr (5:17 am


thx for watching the stream peoplez

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